Quality Products Made Us Global Partner

Norex is a leading local and global partner in producing best quality of flavors and fragrances. We have high-tech production facilities that can serve both national and international markets. We have experience in adapting to local needs, so we can supply personalized products to different countries.

In recent years, we have taken important steps to reach across geographies through strategic partnerships. We are constantly expanding our global presence to become an internationally renowned global flavours and fragrance center. The high qualitative products offered by us are highly demanded in USA, Europe, Africa, Australia, Latin America, UK, Africa, and Asia. Our global distribution network is constantly growing.

We have a wide range of "Standard Flavours and fragrances" to meet most uses, but we can also design flavors and fragrances to meet your specific needs. Depending on the application, these flavors are available in powder and liquid form. All our production is tested twice before being put on the market.